South Texas Ministry Training Center

Welcome to the South Texas Ministry Training Center, a ministry in partnership with Global University.

Our desire is to help you reach your maximum, God-given potential in the vocations that God has called you to. We are committed to providing quality ministry preparation. If you are seeking ministerial credentials or just want to improve your biblical knowledge and ministry skills, this may be the place for you. We want to provide a spiritual, relational, and academic environment where you can learn and grow in whatever ministry God has called you to. 

The Training Center will be a combination of independent study and a monthly two-hour meeting at First Assembly of God San Antonio. The monthly meeting will enable you to join in a group study, build relationships, and access assistance and encouragement along your journey. 

Benefits of enrollment in the South Texas Ministry Training Center:

  • It will expand your practical knowledge, understanding, and competence of the Bible. 
  • You will experience an environment designed to assist you to become a vibrant, knowledgeable witness and servant of the Lord. 
  • You will engage in a setting for personal development and for preparation for greater effectiveness and personal ministry 
  • You will obtain resources and spiritual awareness from the source of refreshing biblical knowledge and clarity by the direction of the Holy Spirit. 

Additional Advantages: 

  • All course materials are included. 
  • Instructor’s personal interest and assistance. 
  • Interaction between students and instructors. 
  • Accountability and follow-up to ensure success. 
  • Assistance in ministerial internship and ordination qualifications. 

STMTC Academic Program: 

  • The courses listed in our Academic Program are based on the requirements specified by the Assemblies of God credentialing class schedule. 
  • Courses offered will be placed in three sections (or years), with each section starting in January and concluding in December of the same year. STMTC will start with the certified level in 2022 and add one level each year (licensed level added in 2023; ordained level added in 2024). These may be added sooner depending on the interest/qualifications of prospective students. 
  • One time registration fee of $30 is required. Tuition is $110 per course (includes a book, exam, and monthly meeting expenses). 
  • Attend the monthly meeting: 2nd Monday of each month from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, except July, August, and December. The meeting location is at First Assembly of God San Antonio, 13435 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78216.
  • The coursebook will be distributed at the monthly meeting. The instructor for the month will give an overview of the book and speak about practical ministry experiences and lessons learned. 
  • The course manual will be studied independently at home and exams are taken online. 
  • The yearly course schedule will be given to each registered student and will be available on the STMTC website. The course schedule also lists the registration deadlines for each class. The registration deadlines allow us to make sure that the books and required materials are available for the students at the monthly meetings. 
  • New students, not previously registered, need to complete the STMTC/Global University application; then submit the application and applicable fees online at (Click on the “give now” button and select “South Texas Ministry Training Center” from the dropdown menu. 

For further information email Dr. Irene Runge, DMin at 

Financial Information

Initial first-time registration $ 30.00

• Regular course fee (textbooks included) $110.00