South Texas Ministry Training Center

Welcome to the South Texas Ministry Training Center, a ministry in partnership with Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

South Texas Ministry Training Center (STMTC) was established for the purpose of adding an additional opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, God’s holy Word. We also believe that this training center has the potential to bring meaning, commitment and significance to your life in your walk with Lord.
South Texas Ministry Training Center is now in its third year as a training center. Through the STMTC we believe we are providing a setting where individuals can overcome some of the typical difficulties often faced in seeking a college education. We have assisted numerous students to gain college level education in preparation for ministry in a reasonable setting.The STMTC is always seeking to serve as a ‘community school’ of ministry training to the greater San Antonio area.

Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. Al Reimer, Director


What can the South Texas Ministry Training Center do for you?

It will provide valid and practical education for students, whereby they could…

  • Expand their practical knowledge, understanding, and competence of the Bible
  • Experience an environment designed to assist student in becoming a vibrant, knowledgeable witness and servant of the Lord
  • Engage in a setting for personal development and for preparation for greater effectiveness and personal ministry
  • Obtain resources and spiritual awareness from the source of refreshing biblical knowledge and clarity by the direction of the Holy Spirit

Additional advantages include:

  • Regular weekly classroom instruction under credible instructors
  • All course materials are included
  • Instructor’s personal interest and assistance
  • Interaction between students and instructors
  • Accountability and follow-up to ensure success
  • Auditing of classes at a reasonable fee
  • Assistance in ministerial internship and ordination qualifications while also acquiring credits toward an A.A. degree


STMTC Academic Program

The courses listed in our Academic Program are based on the requirement specified by the Assemblies of God ministry schedule. Also, our partnership in SAGU’s, articulation agreement, ensures our course materials are continually reviewed and revised to meet necessary college equivalency. Current courses follow the original intent with additional material, credible instructional teaching, and with regular textbooks required. Courses offered are placed into three sections (or years), with each section starting in September and concluding in June of the following year. These three sections are based on the requirements for Certified Minister, Licensed Minister, and Ordained Ministered according to the Assemblies of God.

All courses are conducted on an eight-week schedule, resulting in five teaching sessions per year. Course scheduling allows for three classes to be offered on either Mondays or Thursdays with classroom hours being from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. Course requirements dictate a four-student minimum for the class to progress.

Courses for upcoming teaching sessions are advertised well in advanced of the session’s starting date and will close two weeks prior to class start date. This will ensure required textbooks and other study materials are in place on the first night of instruction. New students, not having registered previously, can complete the STMTC Student Registration Application, and submit the applicable fees, then forward them to the STMTC Registrar office at First Assembly of God, 13435 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216.

If additional information is needed, please contact the registrar, Mrs. Nancy Wilkerson at 210-496-9977 or the Director, Dr. Al Reimer at 210-260-2715.

Financial Information

Initial first-time registration $ 25.00

• Regular course fee (textbooks included) $120.00

• Non-credit $ 60.00

• A. Degree on-line course, each 50% off (To be arranged with SAGU on-line program)

Course Catalog for 2015 Fall through 2016 Spring


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